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Let's define


Implantology is a branch of dentistry focused on the replacement of missing or damaged teeth using dental implants. These artificial teeth replace the natural roots and are used as pillars for fixed bridges or anchorage for removable dentures.

Let's explain what is a dental implant

A dental implant is a small titanium screw surgically positioned into the bone presenting substitute for the missing tooth root. It is inserted operatively into...

What are the advantages of this therapy?

There are a lot of advantages of having dental implants including improved comfort, oral health and self-esteem. The lack of several teeth affects compromise...

FAQ questions about the implant world

We answer all your doubts and questions about the world of implantology, you will find the most common questions and answers and you can send us your specific requests...

the starting point...

What are the consequences

of losing teeth?

Bone loss is a common consequence of tooth loss or especially cases of edentulism. This is because the natural support of the root is lost. Remaining teeth will start to move to fill in the gaps. This situation could damage the mastication. The absence of tooth affects facial features in a more or less visible way, but above all it causes problems during the speaking. The empty spaces, in fact, make it difficult to pronounce some syllables and, when very visible, create embarrassment in public speaking.

What are the leading causes of tooth loss?
The two gum diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis, are the most common causes. A chronic inflammation of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth combined with a bacterial biofilm (plaque) cause permanent tooth damages. Other factors may be traumas or accidents, untreated tooth abscess or serious diseases such ad cancer or diabetes.


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